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    First class hygiene
    Safe water for bath and shower -
    free of bacteria, parasites, viruses, chlorine, hormones and odour
  • Magnesium Mineralizer

BWT professional water filtration solutions

for every application

The modern solution for uncomplicated pool cleaning. Experience a perfectly treated pool with our pool robots.
BWT pool robots can calculates the optimal route to your respective pool for fast and efficient cleaning.
The modern solution for uncomplicated pool cleaning at any time of day, your friendly pool robot friends.
BWT innovative technologies guarantee the most reliable water treatment for your pool system. The heart and soul of our portfolio.
One of the biggest benefits is constantly refreshed drink without having to wait in long lines at the water cooler. So convenient.
Not only does the BWT water filter remove contaminants and hard water, we also re-infuse your water with beneficial Calcium.

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It all started almost 200 years ago...

BWT Water filter portfolio in Vietnam

BWT provides the full spectrum of water filtration - for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Compact, smart water softener

BWT bestaqua ROC 16 system from BWT was developed specifically for use in the gastronomy and hotel industries.

BWT bestaqua ROC 14 system from BWT was developed specifically for use in the gastronomy and hotel industries.

The world sensation is finally here.

BWT presents a new generation of filter with the single-lever filter Simple shutting-off of the water and easy filter exchange.

Europe's Number 1 in Water Technology

BWT Group

  • Made in Germany
  • Over 35% market share in Europe
  • Over 10 000 water professionals worldwide
  • Market presence in over 100 countries worldwide

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BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water

  • BWT's unique, patented Magnesium (Mg2+) Mineralizer technology
  • Always fresh water directly from your tap
  • For the perfectly tasting coffee, tea and soup
  • Essential for physical and mental fitness
  • No more microplastic in your drinking water

BWT Magnesium Microsite

BWT Pearl Water

  • Silky-soft BWT Pearlwater for the ultimate shower and bath experience
  • Shiny hair
  • Soft skin
  • Less shampoo and detergents needed thanks to the perfectly clean water

BWT Pearl Water Microsite

Aftersales service portfolio

Professional solutions for all your challenges.

Ad-hoc service

Occasional repair service - whenever and wherever you need it.

Preventive maintenance

Regular, preventive maintenance for trouble free operation and extended service life - in accordance with BWT guidelines.

Full service

Maximum uptime and performance - you can concentrate on your core business while we take care of everything else.

Genuine BWT parts

Using BWT, genuine parts, you can be certain that your water filtration system continues to provide perfectly clean water - years beyond what other systems are capable of on the market.

BWT DVGW certified UV technology

Chemical free, DVGW certified, drinking water grade UV disinfection from Germany.

Made in Germany

Recent BWT projects worldwide

  • Castle of Versailles
  • Cathedral of Milano
  • Maersk Peregrino
  • Zurich Airport
From all round the world

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