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Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Risk: What does BPA in Plastic has to do with them?

For years, scientists have suspected that industrial chemicals in plastic water bottles can disrupt human hormones. Until now, evidence has only been observational, showing an association between plastic exposure and certain diseases without proving a causal effect.

Ensuring Clean Water Requires Sustainable Strategies

Nicole Silk, the global director of Freshwater Outcomes at The Nature Conservancy (TNC), has analyzed why we must come together to protect the world's declining freshwater ecosystems.

More magnesium each day can put a stop to dementia and other brain health issues

Higher intakes of magnesium have been shown to positively influence cognitive health as we age, according to researchers at the Neuroimaging and Brain Lab at The Australian National University (ANU).

Researchers have uncovered a promising link between increasing one's intake of magnesium-rich foods such as spinach and almonds along with mitigating the risk of dementia, which is currently Australia's second leading cause of mortality and an alarming seventh globally.

5 drinking water trends that BWT can address
As aging infrastructure in municipal water systems struggles to keep up with modern contamination challenges, concerns about water safety are increasing. PFAS, microplastics, and other contaminants are not effectively removed by outdated systems. This growing awareness is driving demand for home water filtration solutions that provide an extra layer of protection.


BWT Vietnam's Running Event: A Run for a Greater Cause

On May 23rd, the BWT Vietnam Team completed a 6 km run as part of BWT Global's initiative launched on World Water Day. Our team enthusiastically joined this effort to raise awareness about the challenges many people face in accessing clean drinking water and to collect funds for building water wells for those in need. 

Stay Hydrated and Healthy This Summer

As temperatures rise, staying hydrated becomes increasingly important 

💙 A Pure Fulfillment From BWT Water Dispenser 💙

Special filter systems from BWT for deliciously fresh water. 

Water dispensers with a mains water supply are part of the standard equipment in numerous companies. Employees can pour their thirst quenchers themselves in coffee kitchens and canteens – still or sparkling, chilled or non-​chilled. “To make sure that only the best water with an outstanding taste reaches drinking glasses, we recommend optimising raw water with our special filter systems for cold water dispensers.

PFAS: How it links to dangerous DISEASES

Researchers have confirmed a direct link between exposure to toxic PFAS and an increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease, marking a significant development due to the challenge of proving such associations. This was demonstrated through a study examining death records from the Veneto region in Italy, where residents were exposed to high levels of PFAS in drinking water for decades.

Top Culinary Dishes for Holiday Celebrations (April 30th and May 1st)
During the holidays is the time for gathering with friends and family. If you still don't know what delicious dishes to prepare on April 30th - May 1st, then definitely DON'T MISS this article. 

Today, BWT will suggest you some extremely attractive dishes. Let's get into the kitchen and show off your cooking skills right away!

HAVE YOU HEARD? BWT innovative technology: Seawater desalination
The Mekong Delta, renowned as the "rice bowl" of Vietnam, faces a pressing challenge: saltwater intrusion.
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