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How water softener can save you money?

As we go about our day-to-day lives, little changes in our daily routine can make a big impact on the environment. For example, avoiding wasting water or recycling products can help protect the planet blue. By using a water softener, we can also help save money on household bills.

There are a variety of products available on the market that claim to help save money by reducing expenses related to water usage, but whether or not they will is another matter. One of the simplest and most effective ways to save money is by installing a water softener. The vast majority of people know water softeners because they experience the benefits – such as softer skin, shinier hair – when they're away from home and staying in a high class hotel or spa during their travels. Most establishments soften their water for practical reasons like saving money, but you can also enjoy the same benefits at home with a water softener. Here are a few ways you can save money with a water softeners at home:

  • More durable and energy efficient system

Washing machines and dishwashers work better when used with soft water. This is because of lime scale, which is a result of the hardness minerals in the water, builds up around the heating element within these appliances. This reduces their efficiency, so they have to work harder to heat the water and do a good job.Your water heater also operate very similarly. Softened water helps ensure the heating surface remains scale free. This can reduce the amount of hot water your heater needs to deliver, which in turn can lower your energy costs. If your heater is more than ten years old, it may be less efficient and could cost you money in the long run.

However, if you are thinking of buying a new appliance, make sure your old one isn't being thrown out too soon because it may be worth keeping for another few years. When it is time to renew an appliance It’s important to consider disposing of it in a responsible, and eco-friendly way.

  • Spend less on beauty products

Many beauty products, including soap and shampoo, come in plastic bottles which take energy to manufacture and can often end up in landfill or the ocean. Switching to Pearl Water brings personal savings of up to 50% on products like shampoo, soaps, and bubble baths. All of which lather more easily in softened water to create a wealth of silky soft pearly bubbles perfect for playtime and that much deserved soak at the end of a busy day. Plus if you use only half as much then that could be 50% less plastic bottles we need to eventually dispose

  • Give your wardrobe the love it deserved

Thanks to the benefits of pearl water, you can save money on your wardrobe by using less detergent and washing clothes in shorter cycles. This will help your clothes feel softer, look more vibrant and last longer. So you won’t need to worry about replacing your favorite clothing so often, which means you can save even more money for yourself!

If you no longer want to wear old clothes, there are a few ways to ensure your clothing can be reused. One option is to donate them to a charity of your choice. Doing so not only helps Planet Blue, but it also supports the work of some great charities.

  • Choosing the right answer for your renovation needs

A water softener will help keep your bathroom fittings and sanitary ware looking good for longer, requiring less frequent updating or replacement. Shower heads and hoses also remain free flowing, so they don't clog as often.

If you want the best coverage, with a whole-house water softener, you can also say goodbye to lime scale in the smallest room in the house too. No more trying to dissolve and scrub away the lime scale deposits that settle in the loo. Instead, simply choose an environmental friendly disinfectant to ensure it stays fresh and ready for use. You will also saved on household cleaning products which contribute hugely to the plastic problem with dozens of different bottles around the house for different cleaning purposes, so a great idea is to look for refillable products to reduce amount of packaging waste.

When it comes to keeping your home free of scales, using softened water can help save you money on harsh cleaners and additives. Shorter shopping lists mean more money in your pocket to spend on things you actually want. And with no reason for lots of extra water to flow down the drain, remembering to turn off the tap when washing your hands or brushing teeth is essential!

  • Modern problems required modern solutions

Many modern kitchen appliances have water ways that are very narrow and allow hot water to turn into steam very quickly. Softened water will keep these devices clean, and free of scale build-up which can lead to additional service visits. Additionally, how you use your kitchen appliances can also help conserve energy! One great tip is to only boil enough water for what you need instead of filling the kettle with entire potfuls from the tap - Using this method not only uses less electricity but avoids wasting precious hot water in case someone needs it later on.

These appliances use a lot of energy to heat up water, so if you only need a small amount, it's easier to just fill the kettle right from the tap with a suitable undersink filter. This way, you're also using less electricity, water, and energy overall.

Source: BWT