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Da Nang's ocean Contaminated by Wastewater! Who is to blame?
The noxious tide of black, malodorous wastewater has overflowe
The adverse effects of "forever chemicals" on women fertility
“Our study strongly implies that women who are p
More magnesium each day can put a stop to dementia and other brain health issues
Higher intakes of magnesium have been shown to positively influence cognitive health as we age, a
A burst Zinc could be the key for immune-cell recovery
Immune-enhancing properties of zinc are well documented, yet scientists have been unable to compr
PFAS have demonstrated the ability to inhibit white blood cell systems to fight off intruders
A recent investigation revealed that the PFAS chemical GenX inhibits the neutrophil respiratory b
Your tea might have disinfection byproducts inside it?
In the global tea market, water is usurped only by this refreshing beverage - making it the secon