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Thu Thiem urban area under attacked by locale landfills?

The Thu Thiem New Urban Area is currently under attack from locals pollution and ignorance. It's still to be seen if the area will become a modern landmark before the issues at hand is dealt with.

Hundreds of people flooded the streets of To Huu, Tran Bach Dang or R12 over the last holiday weekend, parking their cars on the streets and pavements. These empty land plots near the Saigon River have become places for people to hang out during the weekends with stalls popping up with tables and chairs along the pavements. While these people were celebrating, trash was dumped straight into local environment without any care about its ramifications. Microplastics are a growing problem, especially in landfills, where they can contaminate soil and water.

Ward chairman Nguyen Van Kien said that the area has not been handed over to the HCMC People's Committee yet, and sanitation workers have not been deployed to the area yet. Local authorities have asked vendors to promise not to dump trash into the environment, but this has not been effective. Authorities have been putting up signs warning of possible punishment, but their efforts to clean up have failed so far. It is possible that this is because there are not enough personnels available, as explained by Kien.

Source: VNExpress