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Untreated hazardous factory waste discharged directly into local drainage system

After two days of excavation, police in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam, had discovered more than 42 metric tons of hazardous waste at a lamp factory in the provincial capital.

The waste included more than 27 metric tons of contaminated glass pieces in the yard and nearly 15 metric tons of wastewater in a concrete cellar. Tests showed that the wastewater had a pH reading seven times the permitted level and that the glass pieces contained mercury and sulfur, which can become highly toxic if not handled properly.

Factory worker admitted the hazardous wastewater was discharged directly into the local rainwater drainage system.

Lamp factory representatives have agreed to hand over all of the above waste to a hazardous waste treatment plant in Vinh Cuu District of the province. Two concrete cellars containing wastewater produced during the process of grinding the bulbs, were also uncovered inside the factory premises. Previously, on April 20th, police had found around 195 bags containing nearly five metric tons of broken glass with chemicals and nearly 370,000 waste light bulbs that had not yet been crushed and stored in crates at the factory.

The factory failed to collect hazardous wastes according to regulations and treated them without approval from authorities and will be further investigated by the police for any further suspicious activities.

Source: TuoiTre